ANCYL on the passing of a SASCO leader

The ANCYL in the North West province is deeply saddened by the untimely passing of a Regional Secretary of SASCO in Ngaka Modiri Molema Region. Comrade Lesego Racoco was from a successful TGA of South African Youth Council (SAYC) in Gauteng province when he met his untimely death in a horrifying car accident.

The ANCYL is hereby extending its heartfelt condolences to the immediate Family of the said comrade and the entire student community and comrades who benefited from the selfless and heroic leadership that was always demonstrated by comrade Lesego.

He served the organisation with an immeasurable dedication and commitment towards the course of ensuring better condition for the students and expanded access to education for the poor. Comrade Lesego ensured in his tenure as both an ordinary member of SASCO and it leader that no deserving student could be denied education as a result coming from a poor or working class background. We are deeply pained by a premature loss of this gallant fighter of our people. He was a Cde of the movement who was well known for his humility, calmness and humbleness but at the same time vivid and firm in advancing the interest of the youth in the province.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with the rest of our comrades who survived the same accident and are currently hospitalised in Gauteng province, we urge all members of the ANCYL to afford the said comrades all the necessary support in this time of pain and sadness.

The ANCYL further wish to express its concern with the rate of lives lost on our roads and permanent disabilities often caused by the recklessness of some drivers in the country. We call for specific attention to be given to strengthening laws that govern the issuing of drivers licences, it is clear that handing over a licence to an unqualified driver is equivalent to arming them with lethal automatic weapons and unleashing them to unarmed members of the society. We further call for responsible driving amongst the road users in the country, total adherence to the road signs and keeping a limited speed can go a long way in saving lives on our road.


ANCYL NW spokesperson

061 331 9130

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