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Date Title
5 September Special Edition: Tomorrow is too far: Transform education system and society in general
1 August Anti-tribalism tribalism a threat to the national democratic revolution and society
17 July The Second transition: Much ado about nothing?
4 July Blade Nzimande: A Bureaucrat or Communist?
14 June Political Input to the NWC
31 May Editorial Comment: A Note on COSAS's 33 Years of Struggle for Free, Compulsory and Relevant Education!
17 May Praise singing is the highest form of intellect deficiency
3 May Our Appeal to South African Society
19 April Education in Crisis
14 March A Year for Heightened Mass Action in Demand for Free Education for All!
23 February Basics on the state of Education: non-racialism, non-sexism, democracy, equality and redress: Part 1
15 February Gender and Education Transformation
9 February We Plead not Guilty to Capitalist Exploitation: Right to learn Campaign Ground Observation, Part 2
17 November Divisions in progressive movements a delay to transformation and redress