South African Students Congress

Moithuti 2011

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Date Title
17 November Divisions in progressive movements a delay to transformation and redress
3 November Bourgeois youth leaders forced to advance working class interests to remain relevant
22 September Commissars Notes: PART 1: 20 Years young and fighting for dear life: We stood our ground
14 September Sexual oppression...last kick of a dying horse!
7 July Challenges of sustaining the National Democratic Revolution
22 June Message of support to the ANC Youth League Congress
9 June The changing nature of capital: exploitation deepens
10 May Part 1: Let the truth be told: Beyond the myth - The DA's contempt for the working class, and its support for apartheid
5 May Revolutions are activities of oppressed classes and strata
29 April Guilty as charged: Old Revolutionary songs expose our lack commitment to struggle
20 April Commissars Notes: Something is amiss
30 March President's Political Notes: Real Struggles, Press Statements and Socialism
24 March Commissars Notes: Part 2: SASCO Summoned to answer at the Bar of History: We want free education not Nzimande's head - Yet
22 March Commissars Notes: SASCO summoned to answer at the bar of history: Should we shelve working class struggles because there is a threat of the New Tendency
23 February 20th Anniversary Celebrations: A Great Revolutionary Student Movement
8 February Commissar's Notes: Denialism is not going to solve but will exacerbate our problems
31 January Commissar's Notes: Cry the beloved students: The post apartheid indictment
21 January President's Political Notes: Message to our Structures!