South African Students Congress

SASCO condemns torching of property during protests

12 May 2016

The South African Students’ Congress is annoyed  by the destruction of property by aggrieved protesters during recent community and student protest, been at VUWANI and the Vaal University of Technology. At VUWANI more than 20 schools were set alight during a protest against the re demarcation of the municipality. Last night several buildings were torched at VUT during a protest for improvement of security services and a number of students injured along.

We condemn both these actions with the contempt they deserve. Ever since the EFF entered the political space; they have targeted learning sites as their primary place of anarchy. Whereas SASCO promotes the right of all aggrieved to lawfully protest to voice out concerns, we are gravely disturbed by the sub-culture of destruction of property during these. Torching of property does not only defocus the attention of society from the real issues but also leads to unnecessary costs and delays of valuable teaching, leaning and research time, which are main reason why we are in these institutions of higher learning and training.

During the #feesmustfall campaign a loss of more than a billion was registered on destroyed and malicious damage to property. This cannot be tolerated. We believe that in as much as Torching of property may be an expression of a deep rooted frustration of the people against the exploitative system of capitalism, it cannot be promoted in a constitutional democracy guided by the rule of law.

The safety of our students at VUT is SASCO‘s concern. We are very disturbed that on the eve of exams more academic time will be lost due to the acts of criminality which occurred at VUT, whiles other students will spend their time healing injuries sustained and in hospitals, instead of preparing for exams. We are equally disturbed by burning of study area, this demonstrate lack of desire to study and academically succeed from those involved in such criminal acts , it’s a sabotage on the future of those who want to excel and succeed in our universities.

SASCO calls upon the authorities at VUT to expediently respond to the grievances of students and restore calm and order in that institution, allow students to prepare for exams in an academically conducive environment, protect the safe of students and staff, as well as university buildings.

We call on law enforcement agencies to leave no stones unturned and arrest all the criminals involved in the commission of these crimes. The EFF has been promoting lawlessness and anarchy especially at learning sites, this is a calculated move aimed at causing instability in the country, as they have no interest in the pursuits of academic excellence and success.

For more information;

Tembani Makata - SASCO Secretary General 071 875 2209
Thabo Moloja - SASCO President 071 875 2224
Lwando Majiza - SASCO National Organiser 071 875 2221