South African Students Congress

SASCO decisive Victory against DA and EFF University of Fort Hare

22 April 2016

The South Africans Students' Congress has been able to clinch a decisive and historic victory at Fort Hare. We are over the moon  to announce that the University Of Fort Hare colloquially and affectionately known as Kwa Nokholeji, SRC elections have been won by SASCO. This victory follows our overwhelming defeat of the EFF and DASO last week at the UJ and in all TVET institutions where we contested. The organisation of Xola Nene has been bestowed with a refreshed mandate by students of Fort Hare. The state of political euphoria puts us in positon somewhat above the famed 9th cloud and directly in political seventh heaven.

Our victory at Forth Hare is a demonstration to all those who continue to say that the Giant is dead, that the giant is back and here to stay. The EFF and DASO with their combined, confused and concerted effort to defeat, discredit and dismantle SASCO at the University Of Fort Hare have dismally failed. Instead they find themselves on the unfortunate side of history and they will be recorded as those who were annihilated by our gallant organisation.

It comes as no shock to us that both the EFF and the DA have been and are trying monkey tactics to undermine democracy in our institutions. Yesterday the EFF attempted to storm into the polling station with a rented mob as an attempt to disrupt elections. Today the DA with it's rented old white racists from across the province are making unfounded allegations against the results. They were all throttled and are now showing signs of anti -democracy reactionaries.

We must however also thank the students of Fort Hare for entrusting their academic futures with the only Student organisation with a credible track record of governance and transformation. We commit ourselves to ensuring that tangible change and improvement will be recorded.

The University of Fort Hare a home to a plethora of African struggle heroes and intellectual has returned to its original home within the mass democratic movement. These victories must not be seen in isolation it is a clear warning to those that masquerade in blue and red on campuses that they are not welcome by students. It is a message to our comrades that through hard work, Unity, introspection and respect of organisational process and rules success and excellence will be the consistent fruits of your labour.

As we enter the second centenary of Fort Hare, we are proud that an institution with a significant role in our struggle will be under the capable leadership of SASCO. 

We wish to express our deep rooted gratitude to the students of Fort Hare, our alliance partners and the leader of the mass democratic movement; the ANC. This victory comes at a time when the movement is under attack from the liberal media, monopoly capital and demagogues. Our young people and students have demonstrated yet again that our institutions are not laboratories for experiments.

We vow to the students of Fort Hare that we will correct our errors, improve our attitude, deliver on our promises, relentlessly fight for their demands, serve, surfer and sacrifice for them with dedication.

Issued by the NEC.

Moloja Thabo.
President President.

Thembani Makata
Secretary General