South African Students Congress

SASCO Calls for a National Shutdown against Fee Increments and for Free Education

19 October 2015

#NationalShutDown #FeesWillFall

SASCO calls on all students to embark on a nationwide mass action against fee increments until their demands are met. We believe that this call should be correctly linked with the call for Free Quality Education in our country. The national day of mass action will be Wednesday 21 October 2015 and shall continue up until all our matters are resolved.

We encourage those institutions which are already on strike such as the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Fort Hare, Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town to continue their actions and further accelerate these strikes so that they are felt by the echelons of power in our institutions and in the Department of Higher Education.

Our mass action against fee increments is in line with our call for free quality education. We are calling on government to introduce a moratorium on fee increment across all universities and for the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, to speedily introduce free education.

We appeal for our comrades to be vigilant and not be fooled by institutional managers who are plotting to delay the fee increases up until the summer holidays. Even if they do this, we must promise them that institutions will not be re-opened up until there is 0 percent fee increment.

We call for the bailout of the higher education system by the government and the declaration of state of emergency on education in the land. We call for the end of austerity in relation to education spending by the ANC led government.

We believe that the prevailing crisis runs the risk of blackmailing many of us and our parents into abject poverty and destitution. There cannot be this reckless increasing of fees in a period where the economy is badly performing. This is a clear form of theft by these institutions organising themselves as USA, Universities South Africa. We are not afraid of the Higher Education Cartel.

We appeal on our comrades to interpret this as a call for aggressive mass mobilisation rather than vandalism of our institutions.

#FeesWillFall #NationalShutDown

Issued by the NEC of SASCO

Ntuthuko Makhombothi (President): 071 875 2209
Secretary General (Luzuko Buku): 071 879 3258