South African Students Congress

SASCO calls for action against EFF Corrupt SRC in VUT

22 July 2015

The South African Students' Congress is appalled that the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) has not acted against the corrupt members of the EFF SRC, especially its President Troy Mathebula.

Power FM reported this morning that the EFF SRC President solicited a bribe from a potential service provider to the value of R300 000. The local developer allegedly said that this was a demand from the EFF SRC members, who promised to ensure that he receives the contract from student accommodation. SASCO is aware that an audio file exists where the EFF members are threatening the service provider. SASCO has seen the smses sent to the service provider in an attempt to extort him. We have noted that the university has instituted a process to verify the signatures that form part of some of the documentation on this case. We are however not satisfied that the corrupt SRC members have been allowed to continue as if nothing has happened.

To the extent in which EFF supports this corruption, they have suspended their SRC Secretary General, who exposed this corruption and other members. This to us is not a surprise because we had warned students at VUT that all that EFF leaders are pursuing in institutions of higher learning are tenders. This very fact resulted in some of our members being expelled at the University of Limpopo, in Turfloop, by the management working with EFF tenderprenuers and confidantes of Julius Malema. We are aware that in Turflopp, all those who benefited from the Julius days of tyranny in the Limpopo government, are now major beneficiaries of tenders in the institution. This is precisely because there exist a corrupt interdependence between Professor Mogalong and the EFF, particularly Julius Malema.

SASCO wants to state it clear to the EFF and its leader, the discredited Malema who has damning findings against him from the Public Protector, that our institutions are not platforms for looting. We will not allow institutions of higher learning to be turned into gravy trains in the manner in which the Public Protector found Julius and his lot made the government of Limpopo and its Municipalities. We are left thinking, how much of this R300 000 was going to be handed over to the EFF leader who is known to be the Commander in Thief of kickbacks (refer to Public Protectors report).

We are making a call to all students of VUT to stand up against the blatant abuse of their institution for the enrichment of EFF corrupt SRC members. We wish to remind students that the responsibility of any SRC is to represent the interest of students and not their selfish and greedy interests. We call on students to join our call for the immediate suspension of corrupt individuals and urgent auctioning of disciplinary action.

SASCO call for the institution to act responsibly and without favour, we demand action. We also call upon the Hawks to investigate and institute action against those who have acted corruptly. We call on our structures across the country to rise against corruption wherever it raises its ugly face.

SASCO will consult on the possible legal avenues it can pursue to ensure that no stone is left unturned on this matter. We do this because as an organization we are the true vanguard of the interest of students. We warn students to not gamble with their futures by putting hope on flyby night student formations like the EFF, who have now exposed their true intension, looting.

For more information contact;

Ntuthuko Makhombothi on 071 875 2209, SASCO President
Luzuko Buku on 071 879 3258, Secretary General