South African Students Congress

SASCO condemns Israel's brutal inhumane attacks on Gaza

11 July 2014

The South African Students Congress strongly condemns the brutal inhumane attacks on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Government and Military. The death toll currently stands at 40 Palestinians who have been killed and hundreds more injured from Israel's senseless attacks on a civilian population in Gaza, which has already been termed the worlds' biggest open air prison. Palestinian homes have been demolished and ongoing airstrike bombs are being unleashed on Palestinians in Gaza.

Following the death of 3 kidnapped Israeli teenagers earlier this month, which has not been investigated, Israel has launched 'Operation Protective Edge'. Israeli officials, including the Prime Minister, had already accused the Palestinian organisation Hamas for the kidnappings before any investigation was done and without any legitimate grounds for the accusation. Instead of responding in a reasonable manner Israel instead went on an all-out attack on Gaza which has lead to a huge loss of human life and a further humanitarian crisis in that area. There can be no legitimate reason for Israel's actions.

This follows a series of similar attacks on Gaza over the past few years. Peace-loving people of the world have condemned Israel's military actions time and again (Operation Cast Lead, Operation Returning Echo etc) to no avail. These actions have been indefensible yet countries such as the United States of America continue to support Israel's military actions. We are once again called to stand in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine in condemning Israel and calling on our own governments to actively cut ties with Israel in order to ensure that the principles of peace, justice and equality ring true the world over.

SASCO affirms the notion that Israel is a murderous apartheid state with no regard for the indigenous Palestinian people who have been colonised and oppressed. Moreover, we will defend - in whatever way we can - the Palestinian right to self-determination and the right to resist oppression and subjugation. We call for an immediate end to Israeli aggression in Gaza and call on all to stand together in opposing this. We further call on all SASCO members to boycott all Israeli products in South Africa in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

For more information contact,

Ntuthuko Makhombothi (SASCO President) on 071 875 2209
Luzuko Buku (SASCO Secretary General) on 0718793258