South African Students Congress

SASCO calls for the dissolution of the University of Free State council and North West University, Potchefstroom

25 February 2014

The South African Student’s Congress (SASCO) is vehemently angry following the racist attacks in the University of Free State last week. We refuse to accept that 20 years after democracy, African students are still called using the ‘Kaffirs’ word.  We however feel vindicated by the events as we have long called for the dissolution of the University of Free State for being a racist institution. We have long said the University led by Professor Jansen has no intension to protect working class black students from racism and this was demonstrated by how University security watched on as Dumane Gwebu was brutally attacked by two white racists. What Jansen has done since his arrival in the University of Free State is not to transform the University from its notorious racist conditions on black students but he has been working very hard to protect and cover up racism by sweeping such cases under the carpet.

Our structures are working very hard to ensure that we expose the University of Free State for what it is. Jonathan Jansen must actually tell us why they destroyed the security CCTV footage of the racist attacks on Gwebu. We are going to put the university under the pressure to uncover all their misdeeds in the entire incidence. This is why the SASCO led SRC will today, 25 February, lead a massive march to the office of the Vice-Chancellor demanding that he ensure that the racists received the highest and ultimate punishment that can ever be meted by a University in South Africa.

SASCO calls for the immediate suspension of the two racists and we further recommend that after processes they be given permanent expulsion. We would like to commend our structures in the Free State, led by the Provincial Executive Committee for being hands on from the time of the attacks and for providing all the necessary support to Gwebu and the affected student community of the campus.  Members of SASCO and students in general stand with Gwebu and the three female students equally attacked and insulted by the same racists and we will not rest until the two cowards face the full wrath of the law. We will not allow the University to destroy this case or intimidate Gwebu and the three female students. We call upon Jansen for once to show leadership and to act decisively in the spirit of unity and social cohesion.

 SASCO condemns the use of a Nazi salute in North West University in Potchefstroom Campus in a predominantly white female residence.  This is the same University in 2012 where racist white students were caring NAZI flags in a residence initiation ceremony. We condemn such backward practices that reverse the gains of our democracy. The North West University in the Potschefstroom Campus is guilty of this incidence as it has failed to transform the institutional culture in the campus. We in the student movement, we  are fully aware of the fact that the university is a serious fertile ground for such backward elements as it remains untransformed  and is rotten to the core with its reactionary captain Theuns Eloff.

Both the NWU Potchefstroom Campus and UoFS events confirm our long held view that previously white Universities continue to maintain their nature and character and remain oppressive and unwelcome to black poor students. We call on the department of higher education to take action against these two institutions for harbouring such inhuman practises so that others learn from them.

These institutions should be disbanded for being racists’ institutions.

Issued by the SASCO NEC

For more information contact:

Ntuthuko Makhombothi (President): 071 875 2209
Luzuko Buku (Secretary General): 071 879 3258