South African Students Congress

SASCO Chris Hani Branch Statement on Nursing Strategy, FSDOH,unavailability of exam results and current dynamics in FSSON and Nursing Education

6 September 2013

It has been evident over the last year or so that Free State School of Nursing has been going from worse to worst instead of improving steadily. It was expected that with FSSON being under administration that things were going to improve but unfortunately nothing has improve ever since. FSSON is a sinking ship and shall remain so with the current administration it shall remain a dream.

It is a disgrace for the province to invest so much more in training nursing assistants and enrolled nurses in Netcare in Midrand at a cost of R15 Million of not more while there are hospital schools which provide such training. The very same training provides trainees with posh living conditions while FSSON students who are future professional nurses are living in sub-humane conditions. The Free State Provincial Government and Free State Department of Health have to come clean as to what is the rational behind Netcare despite the fact that as FSSON we have condemned it.

Students are afforded less than a week to prepare and write re-examinations which is a recipe to failure. It is totally unprofessional and unethical to expect students to be ready for examinations in less than a week. Such practices by management are a clear indication that of victimisation against students is still existing and are proof of it. We demand that the dates of re-examinations be postponed up until all results are published across all campuses. In the future regulations should be formulated and formulated so as to avoid such shenanigans from happening.

We have quietly observed over the years the criminal activities happening within FSSON. It is now time to such criminal activities and its within us to take the institution to court over a breach in contract, for years repeating students are deprived of their bursary allocation as per contractual agreement. Repeating students have gone hungry for years while our bursary contracts prohibit that. When the fight for repeating students to receive their bursary allocation intensifies, policies are being drafted and proposed so as to prolong the hunger and suffering of repeating students. Sizohlangana enkantolo manene namanenekazi.

The Ministerial Task Team published a very progressive report The Nursing Strategy of which was launched by Honourable Minister Dr Motsoaledi. As a branch we have endorsed the Nursing Strategy and its recommendations, we strongly it will improve the nursing profession in its entirety. We have been to strikes every year and predominantly because mode of payments to students. The bursary system never worked instead it frustrated us more than anything, to rub salt to the wound the bursary amount has been divided into 12 portions. We applaud the fact that payments are processed through the PERSAL System but still do not meet our recommendations and as to what the PERSAL system entails.

Its absurd for FSSON to receive R2000 whereas in Gauteng and North West students receive well over R6000 and R5000 respectively. The Nursing Strategy has a benchmarked amount of just over R78 000 and yet FSDOH is still giving less 50% of the amount entailed in the Nursing Strategy.

FSSON students are still earning way below the minimum wage as we are working 40 hours a week without annual leave and as per Freedom Charter.

We call for the MEC and Nursing Directorate to implement The Nursing Strategy as it is. The Honourable Minister Dr. Motsoaledi has launched the Nursing Strategy and what puzzles us is the reluctance of FSDOH in implementing it while Dr. Motsoaledi has urged all nurses and stakeholders to work together in implementing the Nursing Strategy was it is very pivotal in the implementation of the National Health Insurance.

We are calling for Miss Maboe to step down as FSSON Administrator as we strongly have a view that she's full of empty promises. Ever since her appointment nothing has been done but the ship which is FSSON is sinking deeper into the ocean. We remain resolute on the fact that she is incomplete and only competent in speaking fancy english. We are approaching a year since Mr Mochwaro and Mr Shasha were suspended and there's nothing regarding what is to be done to them. As SASCO Chris Hani Branch, we want them fired and we are unapologetic about it. Miss Maboe with the powers vested in her as an Administrator was expected to have dealt with them as soon as her appointment. This goes to show her incompetence in the role as an Administrator. We called for heads to roll and facilities to be improved but nothing has been done thus far.

It goes without mention that majority Professional Nurses in clinical areas have abandoned their duty and scope of practice to supervise and educate students in clinical areas. Students are used as part of labour force in clinical areas and are prone to abuse from professional nurses, an infringement of basic human rights. As SASCO Chris Hani Branch condemn such behaviour from FSDOH personnel and call for the personnel to be held accountable and if a professional nurse is abandon his/her duty to be report both to hospital management and also SANC.

This statement seeks to improve lives of students together and also to revive the nursing profession from ashes it finds itself. This statement also seeks to improve Nursing Education particularly FSSON. No amount of victimisation will deter us from striving for the betterment of FSSON Student s and Nursing profession.


Gift Mnyamane - Branch Chairperson

Nkululeko Mapaila - Branch Secretary