South African Students Congress

Prospective students encouraged to apply for academic admission on time

10 July 2013

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) encourages all prospective students to apply for academic admission in institutions of higher learning for the 2014 academic year. We make this clarion call informed by the persistent reality that some matriculants mistakenly wait for the release of final matric results before applying for academic admission. In most instances, students who fail to apply on time become unnecessary victims of academic and financial exclusions. Our experience has been particularly painful for brilliant poor students who seek admission in health sciences and engineering but failed to apply on time.

Students must plan ahead by applying for academic admission, financial assistance and accommodation as early as now! Most universities will be closing application by end of July/August this year-some faculties such as health sciences close earlier than other faculties. Students do not have to wait for matric results before they apply for academic admission. We call on everyone who knows any prospective student (particularly current matric students) in their family or community to make an extraordinary effort to ensure that their applications are submitted on time. We hope for the speedy finalisation of the Central Application Office by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DhET).

We make this call to all prospective students cognisant of the fact that submitting an application for academic admission/financial assistance does not guarantee all applicants access to higher and further training. We are fully aware of the many structural and systemic challenges facing South Africa's post-schooling sector. Academic capping and lack of political will by the ANC led government to provide free education are amongst the major challenges which continue to deny our people the right to education. Through SASCO's Right to Learn Campaign and the Free Education Campaign, we will continue to fight and defend the right of the working class child to free quality higher education and further training.


Ngoako Selamolela, SASCO President, 076 333 9127
Themba Masondo, SASCO Secretary General, 079 199 3421