South African Students Congress

Students called upon to rise in defence of the ANC

19 June 2013

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) is deeply disturbed and hurt at the persistent attacks on the African National Congress (ANC) by some crazy political juveniles posing as 'economic freedom fighters'. Whereas we accept that every citizen has a right to form or join political associations of their choice, we take serious exception to the childish attacks against the ANC by these bizarre 'economic freedom fighters'. Instead of focusing on their purported political programme, these crazy juveniles are only preoccupied with throwing cheap insults at the ANC and its leadership. These are helpless day-light tsotsis who have stolen the programme of the ANC YL as resolved at its 24th National Congress.

SASCO calls on students in South Africa to rise up and defend the ANC from these politically expedient juveniles who seemingly cannot live without hearing their sound-bites and names in media. Media frenzy is what they need for their emotional and physical well being. We must dispel all the toxic propaganda being spread about the ANC and its leadership by these rascals. The notion that the ANC has sold out the revolution is not anywhere near the truth. The ANC has done its best in improving the lives of our people, even though there are still challenges. The ANC will continue to be a dependable leader in the struggle to emancipate our people from the shackles of poverty and unemployment. ANC remains the leader of our revolution and we, as SASCO, reiterate our unwavering support to its leadership in society.

SASCO will continue to constructively influence the ANC to adopt working-class biased socio-economic policies. Students don't have to be told by some deceitful and disgruntled rascals that the ANC is incapable of adopting (or does not have) policies biased to the working class and the poor. This coterie of former comrades undermine ANC structures and its membership as they believe that their rejection from the ANC constituted an abrupt end to the internal lobbying process to ensure that the ANC adopts other radical and progressive policies such as land redistribution without compensation, nationalisation of strategic sectors of the economy etc. They believe so much that they are the best things that have ever happened to our revolution as led by the ANC.

All revolutionaries in the movement and our people must not fall prey to the dangerous propaganda and lies being peddled by these self-serving 'economic freedom fighters'. The members, activists, cadres and leadership of the movement must remain vigilant and steadfast as we know that insults and rant cannot be a basis to build any political formation. In no time, a very short and very painful obituary of this so-called 'economic freedom fighters' party/political forum/platform will be told and written!


Ngoako Selamolela, SASCO President, 076 333 9127
Themba Masondo, SASCO Secretary General, 079 199 3421