South African Students Congress

SASCO statement on the occasion of the launch of the Israel Apartheid week

10 March 2013

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) joins thousands and thousands of peace loving people of the world in the events of the Israel Apartheid Week (IAW). We do so because of our conviction that the people of Palestine deserve justice as every one of us do.

The people of Palestine have been confronted with a blood thirsty Apartheid Israel regime and their international cohort. They have witnessed the looting of their natural resources and usage of those resources to sustain the racist regime and its economic interest. Israel and its partners have ignored any voice speaking for the preserve of human life in Palestine. They have used their military might to threaten and kill innocent souls who in most cases were not armed. The Apartheid Israel regime is a murderous regime that is built and sustains its power by killing innocent souls.

Palestinian women have lost husbands; Palestinian men lost wives; Palestinian children have lost parents whilst international superpowers watched and ignored the manslaughter by the apartheid state of Israel. Our government continue to trade with this murderous regime. Many of us find ourselves buying from the shelves of big retailers, commodities stolen from Palestinian land. Through buying these products we have consciously or unconsciously supported war against Palestine. We have legitimised theft and war.

Israel populace have also been suffering from brainwashing initiatives of the blood thirsty regime. Like in Apartheid South Africa; the Israel youth and children are taught that they are the chosen population of God. That the Palestinians cannot be regarded as full humans and that Palestinians pose a danger to their society; this is despite the fact that they too stay in the Palestinian land that was stolen through the barrel of a gun. They are taught to obey God and to kill using His very good name.

Like the racist regime in South Africa; the Israel apartheid regime has at all times presented religious scriptures to its people but failed to heed the basic call of respect for Human life. Religion has been used to protect privilege of the Jewish population which in the main has been used as both physical and intellectual militia of the regime. In return the Jewish population in “Israel” has been bribed with lavish lifestyles; they have benefitted from the use of Palestinian water for all purposes inclusive of recreation; whilst Palestinians continue to suffer from scarcity of water and subjected to Israel’s polluted water for their daily household activities.

Palestinian land has also been stolen to set-up Israel owned factories; to build luxurious security estates and only unproductive land has been left to the Palestinians. The sounds of missiles has disrupted the learning on the part of the Palestinian children and left traumatic experience.

Crimes against humanity have been committed and continue to be committed by the apartheid regime of Israel. Palestinians have been suffering in the land of their birth and forefathers. They have been treated like sub-human in their own land.

The South African Students organised under the banner of their congress are therefore calling upon all and sundry who love peace and progress of humanity; who respect human life to join the people of Palestine in their quest for self-determination. All who despised Apartheid in South Africa have no reason to love it when metted out against the people of Palestine.

Injustice to the people of Palestine is injustice to humanity; indeed the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is the silence of a good women and men. We call upon all our people to use the IAW to campaign for the end of diplomatic relation between SA and Israel. We call for all to condemn the partners of the Apartheid state in particular the United States of America. The USA cannot continue to declare itself a global policeman against terrorism whilst profiting from the genocide in the Middle-east. If Obama and fellows in the cabinet and senate of the USA are genuinely fighting terrorism they must stop trade relations they have with Israel. They must stop supplying arms to the Blood thirsty regime.

We call upon all to appreciate that there shall be no middle line. It is either you are with us or against. None can be neutral whilst human life is under siege. We cannot accept that we continue enjoying college and University Education whilst Palestinian education infrastructure is being destroyed by the Israel regime. The social lives of Palestinians have been disrupted and displaced. Palestinians are facing the worst threat that can ever be presented to humanity: Accept theft or death!!!

We remain committed to the struggle for freedom and self-determination for the people of Palestine. Our call to those who love progress in the country, the continent and world-over is simple: listen to the cry of children and parents in Palestine. Listen to the voices of reason shouting from else-where in the world calling for peace. Listen to the call of those fighting for the restoration of economic, social and cultural freedom for the people of Palestine. Stand-up and be counted among those who do not only love but seek justice.

To our detractors are message is simple: The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their real name.

Our Message to the world is clear: justice for Palestinians is justice for all of us and injustice to them is injustice to all of us!!!

Apartheid was not good for South Africans; it’s not good for Palestinians and shall never be good for humanity!!!

Ngoako Selamolela, SASCO President, 071 875 2224
Themba Masondo, SASCO Secretary General, 079 199 3421