South African Students Congress

SASCO calls for speedy resolution on the TUT debacle

21 August 2012

The South African Students' Congress (SASCO) calls upon the university management of the Tshwane University of Technology and the department of higher education to act swiftly in resolving the situation in campuses of TUT. We are of the believe that in the first place the management acted in an erroneous manner in closing campuses, thus leaving students vulnerable to all sorts of criminal activities.

It is our view that the students of TUT are engaged in a genuine struggle to ensure among others that none of them is excluded from the institution based on financial reasons. Whilst this vindicates our claims that NSFAS has failed our people, it is however important to note that the arrogance of the university managers who are refusing to come to the negotiation table with the student leadership serves no purpose but to degenerate the situation.

The deployment of the police force and bouncers to kick students out of their campuses reminds us of the dark days of Apartheid; and we never thought that any proper thinking South African will stoop that low. If the management thought that was an act of bravery, we wish to remind them that it was nothing but a reflection of cowardice and their intellectual laziness.

We are concerned about the persistent silence of the department of higher education on the matter, despite their belated fact finding mission in the late hours of Friday. We call upon the department to find ways and means to bring student leadership and management to the negotiation table whilst campuses are opened for students who have since became vulnerable to criminal elements of our society. We also call upon the university to dig into its reserves and rescue its students. The NSFAS must set aside funds to rescue students who are affected by financial exclusion.

For more information contact:

Ngoako Selamolela, President, 071 875 2224
Themba Masondo, Secretary General, 0791993421