South African Students Congress

SASCO encourages prospective students to apply for admission on time

26 July 2012

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) reminds all prospective students to submit their applications for academic admission, financial aid and residence to universities and colleges of their choice. We strongly encourage all current grade 12 learners and matriculants to get hold of application forms from different (more than one) institutions of higher learning and further training as early as now for their post-school education and training in the 2013 academic year. This plea is particularly directed at our beloved people from poor and working class background, largely based in rural and semi-urban areas; and townships. The onus is on the students to get information on closing dates for the institutions of their choice. We strongly advice that this should be done as early as today!

Grade 12 learners should not wait for the release of their matric results early next year before they can begin the process of applying for academic admission, residence and financial aid. Those who could not find space this year due to late submission of application forms are also encouraged to do the same. As SASCO, we are concerned about many academically capable matriculants being turned away at the gates of our universities and colleges simply because they did not submit their application on time. We call upon our parents and guardians to guide and ensure that their children are given sufficient support to submit their applications on time. Parents, guardians and family members have a duty to be concerned about the future of our students.

We make this call cognisant of the many terminal systemic and structural challenges currently facing the post-schooling sector in South Africa. We know that our post-schooling sector does not have capacity to absorb all academically deserving students eager to learn. We will continue to fight against the so-called ‘academic capping’ whereby institutions of higher learning, in active collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Training, impose ridiculous and unreasonable limits on the number of students they can take for specific disciplines. We will continue to call for the expansion of free access to our universities and colleges as a long-term solution in dealing with the problem of limited access into higher education and training. In the same spirit, we condemn the perpetual increase of applications fees in our institutions of higher learning.

Ngoako Selamolela, SASCO President, 071 875 2224
Themba Masondo, SASCO Secretary General, 079 199 3421