South African Students Congress

SASCO statement on the 'Friends of the Youth League'

25 July 2012

As the South African Students Congress (SASCO) we are deeply angered and saddened by activities of some ill-disciplined individuals calling themselves 'The Friends of the Youth League'. We believe that this is nothing but a factional grouping of individuals who are hell bent in weakening the image, stature and reputation of the ANC and its leadership.

We further see this grouping as a consortium of bitter people who have now decided to enter a path of being petty; hence we like to refer to them as a 'Petty-Crowd.' We believe that this grouping is nothing but a bunch of clowns who like to hear the sound of their voices and also take pleasure in attacking the ANC and its leadership.

As part of the broad progressive forces who are engaged in a National Democratic Revolution struggle we like to stand out and say we see nothing friendly about these 'Friends of the Youth League'.

We are engaged in a revolutionary struggle which require that we have a strong Mass Democratic Movement for the advancement, consolidation and defence of the revolution. This is why we have now decided to respond against this agent of counter-revolution, calling itself the 'Friends of the Youth League.' We call on all our structures and the broader South African society to ensure that we make these renegades to run till they disappear.

We must know who is behind this grouping as we believe that the formation of this factional grouping is part of a broader nefarious plot against the African National Congress and the broader MDM. The aim of this petty crowd is to weaken the ANC and sow divisions amongst its members.

We have noted with utter disgust and disdain, the fact that this 'Petty Crowd' is always convening its meetings in our campuses and it launched itself in Nelson Mandela Drive Site of Walter Sisulu University (WSU) in UMthatha. We will instruct our structures to close campuses for this grouping; they must hold their meetings in the sky. We want to further tell our membership and all our structures to not be found anywhere close to this grouping.

What is interesting is that the actions of the so-called 'friends of the Youth League 'are too familiar. It was not long ago when a group of power hungry renegades, led by one Terror Lekota, convened what they called a convention to discuss the future of South Africa. They initially called themselves 'Friends of Democracy', later becoming COPE. They projected themselves as defenders of the Freedom Charter and it was later revealed to South Africans that this grouping of power mongers was not even capable of defending itself from itself; hence it never had a Congress and it is now collapsing. We view this grouping as a step towards the launch of a new splinter political party as it was the case with COPE.

The African National Congress Youth League remains our strategic alliance partner and as students we will always be ready to guard against problematic characters defining themselves as friends of our long time friend, the ANC Youth League. Working with the leadership of the ANC Youth League and the broader leadership of our movement, we will continue to dismiss any form towards factionalism as we continue to build this movement, which is an asset of the people of South Africa.


Ngoako Selamolela (President), 0718752224
Themba Masondo (Secretary General), 0791993421