South African Students Congress

SASCO Gauteng sickened by Prof Nongxa's retorts

24 May 2012

We are sickened by the shaky response by the Wits University management to the demands by students, workers and progressive lectures at Wits for the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the 17 unfairly dismissed chefs, now known as the Wits 17.

The retorts of Prof Loyiso Nongxa to our demands makes it very difficult for our organization to resist the temptation to believe the wildly circulated view that his Vice-chancellorship was a product of a coffee shop agreement and that he was acutely unfit to be at the helm of such an important centre of knowledge production.

It is under Nongxa where we witnessed the merciless butchering of students leaders and registration fees sky rocketing to be the highest in the country making Wits inaccessible to students from working class backgrounds. Prof Loyiso Nongxa has been the arch mid-wife to the mass privatization of almost all services at Wits, which produced massive casualisation of workers who work in precarious conditions.

He leaves our organization with no option but to make it clear that his days are numbered at Wits because we do not see the future of such an important university in the hands of a black Judas Iscariot.

We hail the bravery and courage of the more than 32 students who are engaged in an indefinite hunger strike and occupation Senate house since Sunday and the progressive academics who have been delivering lectures since Monday. Their altruistic deeds cements them in history as a generation which refused to wait in servitude on the face of injustice for the sake of convenience like the Wits management.

We invite all justice loving members of society and the media to join us in sacrificing a night's sleep in solidarity with the Wits 17.

Tonight the occupation will be joined by the 17 unfairly dismissed workers, progressive formations and artist.

The occupation commences at 19h00 at Wits University (Senate House) Contact Ndumiso Mokako SASCO Gauteng Chairperson 083 713 9432 Nhlamulo Siwela SASCO Gauteng Secretary 072 486 475