South African Students Congress

SASCO condemns the incapacity of both FET colleges and the Department of Higher Education and Training to deliver results on time

16 May 2012

The South African Students' Congress (SASCO) is extremely angered by the delay in delivery of results of a sizeable number of students who are studying Nated courses in most public colleges. We hold a firm view that the incapacity of the colleges and the department of higher education must not affect the smooth running of our education system, in particular the interrupted studying by students. So far; students who are not receiving the results are in a serious quagmire as it relate to their studies.

More worrying is that it has almost become a tradition if not a culture that both the department and colleges fail to release results for public colleges on time. Year in and year out students either drop out voluntarily from these colleges or join bogus institutions or private colleges thereby also strengthening the capacity of these colleges at the expense of our public colleges which are suppose to serve the poorest of the poor of the country who are mainly black and working class.

We call upon the department of higher education and training to ensure that the results are released immediately and all other administrative challenges to be addressed as soon as it is practically possible so as to ensure that the students do not suffer. Failure to do that on the part of the department and the colleges will be an invitation to war which will be waged without any shame.


Selamolela Ngoako (President) 071 875 2224
Themba Masondo (Secretary General) 079 199 3421