South African Students Congress

SASCO Statement on the opportunistic and counter-revolutionary march by the DA

15 May 2012

As the South African Students Congress (SASCO) we are deeply delighted and overjoyed at the manner in which a rented crowd of the DA was dismissed, through all means by the workers, youth and students of this country. We are inspired by the manner in which workers defended their main house, COSATU House.

As students of this country we view the Youth Wage subsidy as a form of modern day wage slavery and as such we are together in defending their hard-won gains in a democratic dispensation. We cannot allow those who speak on behalf of white monopoly capital to harass the entire society in the name of economic growth and job creation. We, in this regard note that the DA is more concerned about form rather than content.

We appeal to the South African society to continue to defend the working class and the poor. SASCO commit itself to continue fighting against capitalism and for its immediate replacement with socialism.

The DA rented lumpen proletariat who were injured must just understand that this is a class war and even if they are working class, their being led by our arch class enemies in this so-called march will lead the working class to take a dim-view on them. We wish a speedy recovery to all our comrades who were injured by the DA rented lumpen proletariat. The same goes to the Mail and Guardian reporter, Nickolaus Bauer, who was injured during the march.


SASCO President, Ngoako Selamolela @ 071 875 2224
SASCO Secretary General, Themba Masondo @ 079 199 3421