South African Students Congress

We will fight to Death against the cheating of Students of UNISA by management

9 February 2012

As the South African Students Congress (SASCO) we are deeply dismayed and utterly disgusted at the treachery actions of the Management of the University of South Africa (UNISA), which used every trick in and outside the book to exclude SASCO in the entire election process of the NEC of the SRC of UNISA.

The university management, utilizing dodgy securities and the Police, deliberately excluded SASCO in the so-called congress as it did not allow SASCO delegates to enter the congress. As SASCO, we do not recognize the sitting and the outcomes of what is called continuation National Congress of UNISA which supposedly sat on the 09th of February 2012 in Johannesburg, in UNISA Omonde exam centre. Beyond our reasons which we outline below, there is no such a thing - as a continuation congress - in the SRC Constitution of UNISA.

We have always questioned the supposedly Independent Electoral Commission of UNISA since the entire election process started last year. The exclusion of the delegation of SASCO in the Congress prove correct our view that the IEC is not basically independent and it is being utilized by certain corrupt elements of management to fight against SASCO. It is therefore not a surprise to us that the IEC made an instruction that only the ANC Youth League, COPESM, PASMA and other opposition organizations which were allowed to enter the venue of congress as an attempt to deal with SASCO and also to assist this unholy alliance.

In the entire election process, the management-appointed stooges, who are called the IEC, deliberately lied to the delegation of SASCO and said all the various queries that we raised have been addressed. This was only to find out that this was a Trojan House trap to get SASCO members inside the venue so that they can be assaulted by the private security guards that were hired there and by the police and then cry foul that SASCO was disruptive.

With outmost willingness and determination, SASCO will continue the fight for students' interests, needs and aspirations which apparently make us to be adversaries of the management of the Institution. We will ensure that we intensify our fight against corruption and incompetence in the university, which is continuing to threaten the institution, particularly working class students.

As a credible representative of students' interest, we do not recognize the management-appointed NEC of the SRC of UNISA, which is not as a result of any democratic process. We call on all students of UNISA to join the organization in dismissing this National SRC of Management as it was not voted by them but was appointed in boardrooms of management.

Because of these various crook tactics applied by the management of the UNISA, we have approached our lawyers as an organization and we are ready to take this matter further now, for we cannot allow injustice to be meted against honest students that voted.

Issued by the NEC of SASCO

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