South African Students Congress

On reshuffling by State President and The Times article

25 October 2011

We note and welcome the bold decision by our state President to release some members of the Cabinet from their duties after the Public Protector found them to have acted in a manner inconsistent with their mandate and in some instances having blatantly abused state resources for personal gain.

We are particularly pleased by the fact that the President has acted accordingly in relation to the findings of the Public Protector contrary to many who held a belief that nothing would be done. All these ‘analysts’ and ‘opinion makers’ have been forced to eat humble pie.

We would also like to congratulate all those that have been given new responsibilities by our President. We wish them well in performing their work. We also congratulate one of the youngest members of our cabinet since our democratic breakthrough, comrade Stella Ndabeni. We also wish her well in doing her work.

We are particularly pleased by the increase in communists that have been given new responsibilities in Cabinet. We call on these communists to do their work diligently and to show the hard-work, dedication and selflessness. In line with the Paris Commune we expect communists to be the first to call for reform of the Ministerial handbook which allows members of Cabinet to spend willy-nilly.

On reports by The Times Newspaper

We are perturbed by a report carried in The Times Newspaper (October 25) titled "Youth told to walk away from Malema". In this report The Times journalist claims we - SASCO - are part of youth and student organizations that called on people not to attend the ANCYL march. This was supposedly said at the joint press briefing we had with the YCL on Sunday (October 23).

This is either a case of lazy journalism or of worker abuse by The Times. Amukelani Chauke was not even present at the press briefing, it is shocking how he even would have the slightest idea of what was discussed, let alone said at the press briefing. Having deployed its journalist - Amukelani Chauke - to follow Julius Malema on Sunday, how did The Times expect him to report on something he was never part of. This abuse of journalists by newspapers has to come to an end.

We view it as a most gratuitous insult that The Times newspaper should go on print to write nothing but fabrications and lies. We view this as a serious transgression of the press code and we demand an apology from The Times Newspaper. We will continue to co-operate with those that respect the truth.

For the benefit of The Times and others related with them who care nothing about facts, let alone the truth, let us restate our position: we will attend both the YCL program and the ANCYL march. We will split our delegations into two, one that will attend the March and one that will attend the Summit. This is because we believe both these programs are important. We are not part of a choir of those that call on people not to attend either the ANCYL or the YCL program.


Mbulelo Mandlana, President, 071 879 3408
Lazola Ndamase, Secretary General, 082 679 8718