South African Students Congress

SASCO NWC Statement

24 October 2011

The National Working Committee (NWC) of SOUTH AFRICAN STUDENTS' CONGRESS (SASCO) convened at a special NWC meeting at 7th Floor Luthuli House (October 22) to discuss 17th National Congress Credentials. We also debated our invitation to participate at programs of the Young Communist League (YCL) and the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) all of which are convened to take place on the same days.

Clash of YCL and ANCYL Programs

We note the fact that the ANCYL has organized economic freedom marches on the same day the YCL has organized its Jobs for Youth Summit. We believe both the ANCYL and YCL are at fault in this regard. We are disappointed by the negligent actions of both the ANCYL and the YCL in this regard. We will as a result send separate delegations to participate in the YCL Jobs for Youth Summit and the ANCYL march.

The ANCYL March

The South African Students' Congress supports the countrywide marches that will be organized by the African National Youth League (ANC YL) to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Chamber of Mines and Union Building scheduled for the 27th and 28th October 2011.

SASCO supports these marches as they seek to propel young people into action and to make young working class people the main drivers of their destiny. The bulk of the youth in this country are condemned to living a life of squalor and destitution in our townships, informal settlements and the rural areas.

SASCO appeals to all the other formations of the Alliance to support these marches. The ANC has a rich history of mass struggle and fully appreciates that the will of the people must be expressed not only through voting but also through popular protest.

The same mass struggle that crippled apartheid collaborating mining capital and land barons is the same mass struggle that is required to buttress the ANC in implementing the Freedom Charter.

Many progressive governments around the world owe their radicalism to mass mobilisation and mass power. SASCO therefore believes that a mobilised society can actually serve as a source of power for the ANC to adopt radical policy shifts necessary to help our people out of poverty.

We call on working class youth not only to direct their anger at the state but to turn their eye also towards both domestic (especially Tenderpreneurs) and international capital that is responsible for their exploitation and usurping super profits.

We are well aware that some in the YL leadership may use this march to engage in a most petty battle against some in the movement. By joining this march we are not endorsing such behaviour but to us the benign or malicious intentions of the organizers do not diminish the importance of the demands nor the fact that mass struggle remains important.

YCL Jobs for Youth Summit

SASCO supports the YCL Jobs for Youth Summit which is the second one to be convened by the Young Communist League. We believe that this is an important program for the youth across the political spectrum to sit together and plan what ought to be done to confront the problem of unemployment that besets our society. We are of the firm view that the YCL is in the correct path in ensuring that working class youth action is planned and co-ordinated.

We are delighted by the fact that the Summit will be attended by high profile and senior members of the Cabinet. This will allow participants to interface with the executive on what are plans to reverse unemployment in the country. We call on all participants to continue this dialogue and ensure that it does not serve factional reasons as that risk exists in the current political climate.

Working class youth must take the battle against The New Tendency to new heights, but also must wake up and realize the threat of Convenient Communism that has held sway within the left in the past few years. Both these are a threat to our struggle.

For details Contact:
Mbulelo Mandlana, President, 071 879 3408
Lazola Ndamase, Secretary General, 082 679 8718