South African Students Congress

SRC Elections in Westville

22 September 2011

We are delighted, overjoyed and on cloud nine at receiving news that SASCO defeated SADESMO, the ANCYL/YCL, DASO and others in SRC elections. These reactionaries were joined by the ANCYL and YCL and contesting elections against SASCO. This is a clear indication that working class students have unswerving loyalty to the organization that has continued to represent their interests and aspirations. As a revolutionary student movement we should not be complacent, we should throw ourselves, body and soul into the struggle for free education and in increasing access to institutions of higher learning.

In a bold move, working class students defeated the unholy alliance between The New Tendency and convenient communists which has continued in KZN institutions for years now. This is a clear rejection of Tenderpreneurs. This is also a warning to the ANC which released T-shirts emblazoned “ANC says vote ANCYL” that students will not be taken for a ride. When the ANC receives votes from campuses it is not because of blind faith by working class students but is because they have confidence in SASCO which tells them to vote for the ANC.

We call on the ANC to focus their energies in delivering services to the poor of who stay in shacks in Stanger and surrounding areas of Durban. They must focus on delivering for the down-trodden masses of our people Free education, rather than use this money for printing worthless T-shirts encouraging people to vote for an organization they completely have no confidence in themselves.

We call on our structures to bring an end to all university tenders such as catering, cleaning and security. All workers employed in this field that is outsourced should be employed full time by Universities. We call on our structures to fight corruption relentlessly. We call on our structures to work towards PYA unity while appreciating that unity does not mean we should shirk our historic mission.

For details Contact:
Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
082 679 8718