South African Students Congress

Joint press statement by COSAS, COSATU, SASCO, ANC YL, YCL in Gauteng

13 July 2011

COSATU, COSAS, SASCO, ANC YL and the YCL held a successful meeting on 9 July 2011 at COSATU Head Office to discuss a number of issues such as the international, national and provincial situation and the state of the organisations.


The meeting noted that our organisations are waging a struggle to advance, defend and deepen the National Democratic Revolution within the global environment that is dominated by imperialism. The meeting further noted the 2008 global economic crisis that has engulfed the world and its impact to our country and in particular to the working class and the poor. The meeting raised serious concerns that the second phase of the crisis which is currently unfolding has seen the re-emergence of the neoliberal policy intervention to secure the financial sector, in the face of massive debts run up by governments in the first phase of the crisis. The meeting noted traditional structural adjustment packages of slashing the state, fiscal cutbacks, tight monetary policy, deregulation etc being promoted, in particular in the countries of the North.

The meeting resolved that working class formations should push for a better drive to change the international architecture and global governance to favour the ordinary people as compared to the current policies meant to protect the financial institutions which are causes of this crisis. The meeting supported the massive strikes and actions taken by the working class people in countries such as Britain and Greece.

National Democratic Revolution

The meeting noted progress on the implementation of the National Democratic Revolution in our country and in the Province of Gauteng. The meeting also noted serious challenges facing our people and the National Democratic Revolution in relation to the triple crisis of unemployment, poverty and inequality. The meeting further noted that the main victims of this triple challenges are women and the youth more than anyone else. The meeting also noted the racial impact of these challenges to our people. The meeting further noted that this triple crisis is as a result of decades of apartheid and colonialism of a special type. The meeting resolved:

Joint Programme of Action

The meeting resolved that the Mass Democratic Movement in the Province will have a responsibility to defend, advance and deepen the National Democratic Revolution and agreed that the following campaign will form a common platform to tackle some of the problems facing our people:

The meeting further mandated the leadership to develop a concrete programme of action to take these campaigns forward in the Province. The meeting also mandated the leadership to make an application for a March during August 2011 to kick start the opposition to the current Gauteng Tolling System in the Province and to also demand the banning of the labour brokers and oppose the wage subsidy for the youth.

The meeting also mandated the leadership to convene an urgent economic workshop to deal with the current proposed framework on growth path and also engage on the nationalization of the mines, other key economic sectors and assess ownership of our economy, 17 years in the democratic dispensation.

Current Industrial Action

The meeting noted the current industrial action by Cosatu affiliates Numsa and Ceppwawu in particular. The meeting resolved that all the formations will support the demands tabled by workers as they are legitimate and reasonable. The meeting called upon the bosses of the industries who are earning millions of rands and providing themselves increase above 20% to provide a living wage to the thousands of destitute workers.

For further information contact COSATU Gauteng Provincial Secretary, Dumisani Dakile, at 0827271422