South African Students Congress

Statement on local government elections

26 May 2011

We congratulate the ANC on an overwhelming election victory. This shows that the ANC continues to enjoy the confidence of the great majority of working class South Africans, who place all their hopes in the hands of the ANC.

The decline of support for the ANC by the electorate shows that the seeds of discontent are beginning to seep into the hearts and minds of the working class majority that always votes for the ANC. This discontent, although aided by the media is not caused by it, but by the mistakes of the movement.

The tenderization of the state which has turned all spheres of government into accumulation enclaves of a small minority within the liberation movement have cost us dearly during these elections. The taste of lavish lifestyles even by the most self-avowedly left leaning of cadres when deployed into state institutions has left the electorate with a bitter taste of the selfishness that has seeped into our movement.

The bitter battles in the liberation movement between the two most opportunist trends such as the New Tendency which seeks to accumulate using the liberation movement as a tool and the ANC Communists who seek to kill working class organizations in order to strengthen the ANC, have cost us dearly.

The ANC must understand that we, as the youth and students of the country are waiting for Free education; better services; expansion of universities and FET's. As SASCO we are calling for change of heart or change of minds in the policy direction of the movement.

We view as negative the increase of neo-conservative liberal ideas which has resulted in the increase of DA support in the Western Cape in particular and thereby call on the ANC to improve its work not only in defending but in advancing the National Democratic Revolution.

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