South African Students Congress

Once more, celebrate freedom for the rich

26 April 2011

April 27 marks the day South Africa formally broke the yoke of apartheid by ushering formal democracy for all. It is saddening that the great majority of the working class that sacrificed itself in the struggle against apartheid capitalism has been pushed to the backseat while a small minority continues to rake billions from the economy in the name of Black Economic Empowerment.

As much as we cherish this political freedom, we are acutely aware that the 27th April marks the day we surrendered our economic freedom in exchange for political freedom that is accompanied by a frustratingly sluggish development for the working class and the poor.

We have achieved fictitious freedom for the poor working class and real freedom for the rich (black and white). We have secured a democracy that gives the rich the right to rule the roost in our political and economic terrain. We have secured a democracy that allows tenderpreneurs to accumulate while failing to deliver even the goods and services they are contracted to deliver, resulting in collapsing RDP houses, roads, bridges etc.

We have secured a democracy that allows comrades and former freedom fighters who reside in leafy suburbs, with boom gates and high electric fenced walls to shamelessly flaunt around their wealth with impunity while a sea of poverty and unemployment surrounds us. They pay lip service to working class struggles whilst they utilize pro-poor organizations to further their careers and to serve their accumulation.

We call on all students and workers to use the 27th of April as a day to strategize on how to expropriate the ill-gotten wealth of the black and white bourgeoisies. We call on all students and workers not to spare a moment but mobilize for a defeat of capitalism and neo-liberalism in the movement and in society. We call on the students and workers to swear that the next 27th of April will mark a rupture against the status quo.

Only when we receive free education and socialism shall we join the rest of South Africa in celebrating freedom day. For now, we will stay in our dilapidated houses and residences and watch the ululation go by. It is when we see the implementation of the NSFAS review committee recommendations that we shall begin to prepare ourselves for real celebration. The better life for all that we were promised is still a rumor to the majority. This is not a time for only celebration but a time for struggle to attain free education and improved service delivery in our townships.

For details Contact:
Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
071 879 3408
Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
082 679 8718