South African Students Congress

Blade's Language policy, just what the Doctor ordered

7 April 2011

The compulsory African language policy the Minister of Higher Education and Training will implement in all institutions is a timely intervention in the development of African languages which have borne the brunt of Apartheid policies. We believe that the implementation of this will contribute to uniting the South African working class through language across racial or tribal lines. Of course, we are aware that this is not a panacea to all our problems but it is certainly a bold step towards the right direction.

We are convinced that white working class students will welcome this with utmost enthusiasm since their socio-economic circumstances do not allow them the time and finances do not permit them to venture into various African languages on their own vocation. We call on the Minister of Basic Education to extend this to the Basic Education sector by implementing our call for a three language policy which will comprise of one Nguni language, one Sotho related language and one European inherited language (English or Afrikaans).

This is the radicalism and decisiveness we require from the government of a revolutionary liberation movement. We also call on the Department of Higher Education to step up the pace of transformation of institutions of Higher Learning, otherwise, this very important decision will be resisted if not ignored by intransigent institutions which believe they have a right to do as they please while they continue to siphon funds from the state.

For details Contact:
Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
071 879 3408
Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
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