South African Students Congress

Threats on the life of ANC leaders

5 April 2011

We have learnt with shock the reported threats on the life of ANC NEC ex-officio member and Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary comrade Oscar Mabuyane and other provincial leaders of the ANC. We are saddened by this turn of events where comrades are willing to spill blood merely to be deployed.

In the past year, we have repeatedly warned the ANC about the threat posed by the New Tendency and its politics of degeneration and sheer disrespect for organizational processes. We hope that the ANC leadership will act decisively against these elements of the New Tendency that are responsible for these horrendous threats in the Eastern Cape.

The accumulation pursued with brazen impunity by the New Tendency through its Tenderpreneurship is continuously threatening the National Democratic Revolution. We call on the ANC and government to de-tenderize the state in order to avoid instances where people view access to our movement as a window to accessing tenders.

The tendency by some within our movement to continuously eat sushi on the bodies of naked women, to shown disdain for organizational processes to the extent that they are willing to bare their backs if they are unhappy, is a sure sign of the degeneration to come, and we hope that the ANC will act decisively.

We are disappointed by the opportunism of Helen Zille who instead of focusing on DA's toothless election campaign used that as an opportunity to add salt to the wound. We have not forgotten that the apartheid regime, which both Zille and her ilk accumulated through, murdered many black South Africans in order to protect the accumulation of white South Africans. So Zille must please drop the saintly act.

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Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
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