South African Students Congress

Human Rights Day for the Rich

21 March 2011

Today marks the day the United Nations formally appreciated the importance of Human Rights. As expected of any toothless institution, today also exposes the incapacity of the United Nations to follow up on Human Rights abuses particularly those that are presided over by international conglomerates in the most impoverished of areas where international capital tramples on everything just to squeeze profit out of every pore of human productivity. This exposes above all that Human Rights are not class neutral.

To the hundreds of thousands of poor youth who loiter on the streets without access to education and no prospects for employment, today is just another meaningless holiday. So long as our government remains afraid of taxing propertied sections of our society and capital in order to fund free education and build universities across the country, the youth still has no need to celebrate Human Rights Day.

So long as there continue to be sections of society whose economic conditions are so degrading that they are willing to allow others to enjoy Sushi on their naked bodies, the attainment of Human Rights for all will forever remain a distant dream never to be attained. The dignity of the majority continues to be trampled upon by harrowing disease, poverty, and unemployment and labor brokers, which government continues to leave untouched.

Rather than focus so much on the festivities of today, our government should act swiftly and ban labor brokers. It should act decisively and introduce free education until undergraduate level. This rather than the endless rallies and parties would have real meaning to the majority of students and working class compatriots who suffer the indignity of staying in shacks whilst studying and working.

We call on working class organizations to intensify their struggle for free education, banishment of labor brokers and the abolishment of capitalism even if this will rattle collaborationists who want to shelve working class struggles for narrow upward mobility to parliament and cabinet. The working class should leave no stone unturned in ensuring the respect of its human rights.

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Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
082 679 8718