South African Students Congress

Free Education Campaign

2 March 2011

This year alone, thousands of poor working class students have been tossed into the streets by an intransigent Higher Education system that puts profits before people. At the same time, the children of the rich continue to reap the fruits of education without let or hindrance. Things cannot be allowed to continue in this manner.

Rather than introduce radical reforms, the State of the Nation Address falls short on this, only offering Free Education for third year NSFAS students without resolving the challenges that face students in their first and second years of study. Instead of implementing the progressive recommendations of the NSFAS Review Report this report is gathering dust in the offices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. In the face of all this the problems that beset our education system continue unabated.

We do not believe that funding for Free Education will come from the Holy Spirit. We remain convinced that government should introduce an Education Tax on all South Africans that earn top-notch salaries and those companies that rake profits from the South African Economy. The elite whose conspicuous consumption is such that it can enjoy sushi from the bodies of naked women should be heavily taxed to fund Free Education.

On the 3rd March we will launch our Free Education Campaign through brief protests in all campuses throughout the country. We will complete this campaign with Free Education marches in all provinces on the 4th March. Our national march will be led by SASCO President to the Department of Higher Education and Training. The details of marches in other provinces will be sent to media institutions on Thursday. Our memorandum will be available for media institutions on Friday after it has been delivered to the Ministry of Higher Education and Training.

For details Contact:

Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
071 879 3408
Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
082 679 8718