South African Students Congress

Working together we can earn more

16 November 2010

The government was the first to plead lack of funds when workers demanded a measly R1 000 housing allowance. No more than a month ago, workers were told that they should continue staying with their parents or stay in shacks because government would collapse if it granted them a better housing allowance. Miraculously, in less than a month, our government has money to increase salaries of politicians who already earn enough to afford air-conditioned houses in Sandton, by 5%. If this is not hypocrisy, what else would be? We cannot believe that this is the same government which a month ago made society believe that any salary increases would cripple it.

We have become accustomed to the mobilization of society to "tighten" belts, and collectively contribute to a "modest" lifestyle while Ministers and capitalists continue to ransack the economy with their frivolous spending at the expense of the working class and disadvantaged. We call on the government to do the honourable thing and reverse these salary increases and rather redirect these funds towards the realization of free education. Our country ranks high as one of the most unequal societies in terms of income distribution, but our government seems to care less and is content to allow the fissures of apartheid capitalism to persist.

We call on public sector unions to oppose these salary increases for politicians with vigour and determination. We call on the organized working class to work harder to ensure the destruction of capitalist relations of production and the realization of socialism. We continue to long for a society where there will be no exploitation of human by human. We long for a society where the state will only be used to defeat the oppressing classes rather than its current utilization as an accumulation tool by those who do not wish to accumulate as capitalists.

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