South African Students Congress

Tenderpreneurs must leave campuses alone!

20 October 2010

We will continue to contest Student Representative Councils (SRC's) in order to ensure that they maintain their status as institutions whose values are an expression of peoples' power. The moral stature of SRC's should be jealously guarded against wolves of the capitalist market who want to enrich themselves using SRC's as an instrument.

We have noticed with dismay the encroachment on campuses by the most corrupt elements of society during the recent SRC elections, particularly in the KZN province. We view the sudden interest of the ANCYL and the YCL in SRC elections to be driven by nothing else other than the wish of a small group of leaders who want to enrich themselves through university tenders using Student Representative Councils as ladder.

It is these tendencies that promote lavish lifestyles in our campuses. It is these tendencies that contribute to the rise of corruption amongst SRC members. It is these tendencies that erode the ethos of morality and replace them with arrogant accumulation which is pursued with brazen impunity. It is even more shocking that Tenderpreneurs have found themselves space in the Young Communist League. It is shocking that these businessmen are able to lead in Provincial leadership structures of the YCL without the slightest signs of shame.

We value the strategic relationship between ourselves, the ANCYL and the YCL, which is named the Progressive Youth Alliance. It has always been an understanding of the PYA that SASCO leads the process of contesting SRC elections and that all components (ANCYL and YCL) support SASCO in this, just like the SACP and COSATU support the ANC during elections. It is in this context that the insistence of the ANCYL and the YCL to contest elections on campuses undermines the unity of the PYA.

As SASCO we are committed to the struggle against Tenderpreneurship, the new tendency, and anti-communism.

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Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
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Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
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