South African Students Congress

The booing of Manamela is deplorable

26 August 2010

We are deeply angered by the booing of the YCL National Secretary by ANCYL delegates in the NGC. This was an unwarranted and gratuitous act of disrespect and utter lack of discipline by members of the ANCYL who participated in this deplorable and uncomradely act.

Nothing prompted ANCYL members to act in this manner towards the YCL National Secretary and this act left many guests in the ANCYL NGC gobsmacked and at a loss for words. We are convinced that this action by ANCYL says a lot about the levels of political development in the ANCYL which seem to have taken a nosedive.

We call on the YCL to ignore the belated apology of the ANCYL President which sounded sarcastic than sincere. It is difficult to believe that some sections of the ANCYL leadership were not behind this incident. To our shock, some members of the ANCYL NEC confirmed their delight and approval of this deplorable act.

We will engage with the leadership of the ANCYL in order to ensure that this does not become a permanent feature of gatherings of the democratic movement.

For details Contact:

Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
082 679 8718