South African Students Congress

Chickens come home to roost

5 June 2010

We note the conviction of Jackie Selebi and we hope that the state should arrest more. Although we welcome this conviction, we are not surprised to learn that capitalists even cops have had to resort to crime to accumulate. It is the nature of the system. Capitalism is a criminal economic system founded on the basis of capitalists stealing money from the working class and calling it profit. Rather than arrest individual capitalists for embarrassing the capitalist system, the state needs to abolish capitalism.

As much as Selebi is at fault, but the main culprit is the capitalist system. Capitalism encourages greed and conspicuous consumption, all which were virtues admired by the former top-cop and many others. So long as capitalism exists, these tendencies will persist. The bourgeoisie will stop at nothing to accumulate even if that means resorting to sheer gangsterism. It is scarier if the state was used to carry out this thuggish accumulation.

The capitalist state might have nabbed Selebi, but our belief is that he is not the only one within the movement and in society that has resorted to such heinous crimes to accumulate. Some are lurking behind the woodworks of the movement and others are hiding behind the skirts of our society. The sometimes-corrupt link between black and white capital needs to be investigated fully.

In the past years we have seen an increased abuse of the state for narrow factional ends. These range from the increased hiring of comrades or those who belong to certain factions within the movement, to the use of police to investigate certain groupings. All these are signs of a state in decay but too blind to see the rot seep in.

Our movement needs to do serious soul searching otherwise by the time we realize it, membership to this movement will be reserved only for the immoral and greedy. The Zanufication of our politics and society needs to be stopped. We hope this will convince some that those who complain about crime and corruption do not need to be disciplined but instead encouraged and celebrated.

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