South African Students Congress

Statement of the second meeting of the 16th NEC

11 May 2010

The National Executive Committee of SASCO convened at Booysens Hotel between the 7th to the 9th of May 2010. The NEC meeting was characterized by frank analysis of South African society including divisive tendencies that are encroaching on the unity and cohesion of revolutionary forces within the Mass Democratic Movement led by the ANC.

Higher Education Summit

We believe that the Higher Education Summit convened by the Department of Higher Education between the 21st and the 23rd April was a historic and epoch-making gathering. We believe that the suggestion that the summit should take place annually would be an important step forward. We believe that the Ministry of Higher Education should increase the representation of students and workers in this summit in order to avoid its dominance by academics.


We notice that there is a strong anti-communist tendency within the movement. SASCO vows and commits to combat, isolate and defeat this anti-communism wherever it rears its ugly head; in society and within the ANC led movement. This is because we view anti-communism as the biggest threat to the triumph of the South African revolution. We believe that those who preach anti-communism are agents of white monopoly capital planted within the MDM to cause destabilization.

The NEC is well aware that the apartheid regime had identified communism as the primary danger against white supremacy and therefore identified it as its principal enemy and therefore mobilized white South Africans on the basis of a “rooi gevaar”. This strategy consolidated and prolonged apartheid and racism. The NEC is of the view that anyone within the MDM who is anti-communist does so at the service of racism and anti-transformation and therefore does not deserve a place within any structures of the movement.


The NEC notes the development of an unproductive stratum of capitalists that does not depend on its entrepreneurial acumen but on its connections to the state. We are worried that this has already begun to construct not only a crony capitalist state but also an entirely corrupt one. We believe that tenderpreneurship constitutes an enemy of the revolution. It also constitutes a threat to the development of our economy.

We believe that these flamboyant but unproductive capitalists are the major cause for lack in service delivery. We believe that communities as much as target government but should also focus on tenderpreneurs when they demand service delivery. It is also in this context that we support COSATU’s call for lifestyle audits. We believe that dismissal of this call is opportunistic, ahistoric and irresponsible.

Eskom Loan from World Bank

We view the loan sought by Eskom from the World Bank as a treasonous act. The liberation struggle was not only directed at the apartheid regime but was also against monopoly capital and its institutions particularly Bretton Woods institutions. We view this as more than just a betrayal but as an abandonment of the anti-imperial struggle. We have not even recovered from the betrayal of NERSA that imposed unthinkable tariffs and now Eskom stabs us with a loan that we will have to repay. We are extremely concerned about the conflict of interest regarding the ANC’s stake in a company that will reek millions in profit on the energy crisis.


We view the overzealous support for ZANU-PF by some within the movement as opportunistic, divisive and populist. The movement has never viewed ZANU-PF as its strategic ally, nor has it ever seen MDC as its enemy. Our ally ZAPU was decimated violently by the same ZANU-PF that some now glorify as a benign liberation movement. MDM leaders who support ZANU-PF have now officially confirmed their Zanufication.

Even if the ZANU-PF had been our historical ally, this would never give it the right to trample on the rights of Zimbabweans. Liberation songs, mythology and a constant reminder of the struggle days will never absolve an organization from the blunders committed by ZANU-PF over the past years. It is in this context that we support the South Africa led SADC mediation efforts and we will not do anything to jeopardize them and we view as counterproductive all efforts that seek to compromise the position of the mediators.


We believe that while the South African media is obsessed with Zimbabwe much greater crimes are committed daily in Swaziland by the Swazi monarchy and his henchmen. We believe that media institutions both domestic and international are complicit to the murders taking place in Swaziland otherwise there is no explanation for their ignorance of the human rights abuses that take place there. We commit ourselves to assist our compatriots in Swaziland in their struggle against the Tikundla in whichever manner we can.

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