South African Students Congress

Somebody save our students from these rapists

25 March 2010

We make this call to the powers above because a student from the Central University of Technology has been raped and killed. Ironically this took place around the dates when we celebrated Human Rights Day. Does all the talk about human rights exclude students or is it all just empty rhetoric?

The disdain shown towards women in our society is simply disgusting. Not only are they marginalized throughout their life but also their worth is nothing other than sex and violence. We are deeply angered and greatly pained by this act of patriarchal violence. We will do everything in our power to ensure that this cowardly rapist and murderer pays for this dastardly act. We will not sit on our laurels and allow cowards to plunder and murder students in these institutions, we will consider independent action if necessary.

We have always argued that the area of the Central University of Technology is unsafe and have always urged police to deploy mobile units to patrol the area and they have continued to turn a deaf ear to our pleas. It is the laziness of the South African police that has allowed rapists and murderers to commit their acts of violence so brazenly towards students. Instead of focusing on chasing criminals, these lazy police are exhausting their energy attacking innocent students during campus protests.

We have always called on the institution to erect residences and the management has not implemented this yet. Had it been that there were residences in the University the student would not have been travelling in the streets and would still be alive by now. Police together with the University Management must take full responsibility for the rape and murder of our fellow student. We will never forgive the Police and the Central University of Technology for the death of this student.

For details Contact

Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
071 879 3408
Lazola Ndamase (Secretary General)
082 679 8718