South African Students Congress

Malema is not dividing us

7 March 2010

The report that appeared in the Sunday Times (March 7, 2010) titled: "Malema tears varsity campus apart" suggesting that SASCO is divided by comrade Julius Malema is false and misleading. This report also suggests that the WSU NMD SRC has not been constituted as a result of this infighting over Julius Malema. This report is either a product of speculation by the Sunday Times journalist (Zine George) or her sources sold her a dummy.

The fact that the SRC of that campus has not been fully constituted is not related to the allegations that Zine George is making but is purely a consequence of the failure of the WSU student governance management to comply with the official pronunciations of SASCO opting rather to pay attention to illegitimate people. They (WSU student governance) do this because they want toothless SRC's composed of those that they favor. Problems of the SRC in WSU are therefore not a product SASCO, but WSU student governance management. The student governance management of WSU NMD must desist from meddling in student SASCO affairs.

Our structures are not divided, either by Malema or by anybody else. Divisions within SASCO are nothing but a fulmination of the imagination of either the Sunday Times journalist or her sources. It is also not true that our structures are torn apart nor are they about to tear each other apart simply because of comrade Julius Malema. As a matter of fact, comrade Julius Malema does not have the capacity to divide our structures. We are equally not aware of any attempts by comrade Julius Malema to solicit political support from our structures. Even if this were to be the case, this would not serve his interests for a second term as ANCYL President because none of our structures vote in ANCYL conferences. When we deal with our structures the name Julius Malema does not even form part of our vocabulary.

The reasons for us to dissolve the BEC of WSU NMD are because of its incapacity to lead student struggles in that institution, rather than the question of loyalties. Our structures have nothing to do with ANCYL leadership contestations. Our structures are busy mobilizing students and society for our free education demand and are not willing to be distracted by unnecessary ANCYL squabbles.

The struggle for free education is a working class struggle. As an organization we will never support anti-communism or anti-communists. We stand to see the destruction of capitalist relations of production and seek to see the introduction of socialism. On the struggle against capitalism, we are firmly behind the SACP and COSATU. Just like COSATU and the SACP, we believe that tenderpreneurship and corruption are the biggest threats to the National Democratic Revolution.

None of our structures are confused about these issues, including the comrades whose BEC has been disbanded. The branch will be going to its AGM on Thursday (14 March).

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