South African Students Congress

Foul language is DA language

17 February 2010

We are disgusted by the gratuitous insult leveled by DA MP Diane Kohler-Barnard at Deputy Speaker Nomaindia Mfeketo. To suggest that the insult was a result of anger is tatamount to justifying murder on the basis that it was committed out of anger. Nothing justifies an insult on a South African, worse so a leader of parliament. All of this shows the extent DA MP's disrespect South Africa's institutions.

Just no less than a week ago, the DA yelped about morals, now its own MP tramples on the very same morals the DA was lecturing us on. The hypocrisy of the DA is unimaginable. Once more, the DA must face up to the lack of discipline so imbedded in its members, particularly MP's. It must not only apologise for the actions its MP but it must suspend her and remove her from this sacred institution. These actions are as best childish and cannot be expected from the elderly espeacially those serving in parliament.

The South African Parliament, despite its shortcomings remains an important institution of the South African people otherwise it would not be in existence. Parliament does not only play an oversight role but serves as an important tool of dialogue between differing political perspectives. Thus far, the work of parliament relatively satisfies South Africans.

Unfortunately, to DA and COPE, parliament is useful only when it succumbs to their whims. This is the worst form of arrogance. The recent walkout in parliament by COPE's members exposes that its members still suffer from intellectual cowardice. Just when the debates sharpen, they walk out, as they did from the ANC. We view the walkout in parliament by DA and COPE as childish and unnecessary.

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