South African Students Congress

Statement on the fall of the matric pass rate

7 January 2010

We remain saddened and angered by the delay in the release of Matric Results, which led to them being released this year. This has caused a great inconvenience to Matriculants who seek to use their Matric results in order to gain access to institutions of higher learning.

Had these results been released earlier as used to occur, the effects of the delay of some aspects of Mpumalanga Matric Results would have been lessened and probably resolved by now.

We are enraged and condemn with contempt the misadministration and rampant corruption that continues to mare the Mpumalanga Department of Education and we call on the Ministry of Basic Education not only to be angry but to act harshly against culprits.

We will also check options of whether this case of the bungling of Matric Exams which has cost many students can be dealt with either by the Human Rights Commission or can be taken to the Public Protector.

We are deeply worried by the consistent fall in Matric pass rates during the past few years, this included. This points to deficiencies in our education system and the Minister of Basic Education needs to move swiftly to address these.

We are delighted by the increase in the number of students who may qualify for university entrance. This is a major improvement and the Department of Basic Education deserves a pat in the back for this.

We urge all those who passed their Matric to proceed into institutions of higher learning and seek registration. Our militant structures in all campuses will be waiting to assist Matriculants in the struggle to gain access to institutions of higher learning.

Taking into stock we urge authorities to put strong measures in place and strengthen administrative processes and higher authorities must brace to an increased influx of Matriculants seeking space in higher education arena, and we urge institutions to move beyond arrogance and allow these into these institutions.

We will vigilant and militant in ensuring that students are not turned away by money seeking institutions. We remain that the introduction of free higher education is the only ultimate solution to the incapacity of poor families to access education.

We also remain convinced that Socialism is the only economic system that would successfully rid us of corruption such as the one exhibited by some in the Mpumalanga Department of Education.

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Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
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