South African Students Congress

Statements 2010

Date Title
30 December Don't just wish for a happy new year: Fight for it
16 November Working together we can earn more
11 November Afri-Forum Youth Must Get a Life
27 October Statement of the third meeting of the 16th NEC
22 October SASCO defeats ANCYL, YCL and SADESMO in UKZN PMB and Howard College campus!
20 October Tenderpreneurs must leave campuses alone!
26 August The booing of Manamela is deplorable
24 August Nzimande is going nowhere!
18 August Demand more pay - demand an end to capitalism!
11 August Jonathan Jansen must go!
10 August Statement on chaos in the University of Free State!
19 July Statement on Higher Education Minister's Hotel Bill!
5 June Chickens come home to roost
11 May Statement of the second meeting of the 16th NEC
26 April Celebrate Freedom for the Rich
25 March Somebody save our students from these rapists
24 March Police must stop harrassing students
12 March A path-braking NSFAS Review Report
12 March SASCO welcomes the equality court ruling on Malema
12 March Statement on NSFAS Review Report
12 March Minister must repay hotel costs
7 March Malema is not dividing us
4 March A distant clap of thunder - Free Education protests: Aluta Continua
3 March We will take the fight for free education to parliament
23 February Audit the accumulation regime not just lifestyles
18 February Budget Speech - old wine packed in new Gordhan bottle
17 February Foul language is DA language
3 February Nationalization in our lifetime - Maybe not in Shabangu's
2 February Statement of the first NEC meeting
26 January Statement on protests in DUT
14 January Right to learn campaign
7 January Statement on the fall of the matric pass rate