South African Students Congress

14th National Congress

The 14th National Congress will be held from the 9th to 14th December 2006 at University of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province. As always, student leaders from all higher education institutions in South Africa are expected to attend the 14th National Congress as delegates. Other leaders from fraternal youth formations, the Tripartite Alliance and international guests are also expected to attend.

The National Congress is the highest decision making body of the organisation. It decides on major policy issues of the organisation, the transformation discourse in South Africa and elects the National Executive Committee into office.

14th National Congress Discussion Documents

  Title Owner Category Last Updated Size (Kb)  
   Challenges of theory and practice of transition in South Africa SASCO Webmaster 10/24/2006 146.30 Download
   SASCO National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2006 SASCO Webmaster 10/24/2006 129.60 Download

14th National Congress Resolutions [PDF]