The South African Students Congress celebrates the overwhelming victory in the recent SRC elections. We collectively celebrate this victory with all PYA components except KwaZulu Natal where there is rife contestation between SASCO and ANCYL in DUT.

This victory is a living testament to the confidence that students have in the capacity of SASCO to represent them and be their chief advocates. Students have placed their hopes in the student congress to provide leadership on all matters of students interest better than any other student organization.

Our victory at Rhodes University, which was the first SRC elections we have won this semester, build confidence and morale of our activists, it is not surprising that the SASCO train is in motion and reclaiming lost grounds, this is an unstoppable Tsunami.

The victory in TUT dispels the public narrative that students have lost interest in SASCO due to its alliance with the ANC, particularly in the DA lead Tshwane metro. This victory is the culmination of long standing tireless efforts, dedication, sacrifice and commitment by SASCO cadres in servicing students, our victory in all four campuses, been TUT shoshanguve, Polokwane, Witbank, Nelspruit, Rand, and Kgarankuwa Campuses respectively.

We congratulate hard working comrades and students of the Univerisity of Free State, Qwaqwa Campus which won 13 out of 14 seats, with EFF getting 0 seats in the SRC elections. We noted with grave concern the inability of SASCO branch to affiliate with the Bloemfontein Campus, resulting into SASCO not been able to contest the elections as the norm,  and the YCL opportunistically using this incident to contest those elections in that branch,  our branches must at all material time meet set requirements to participate in student government activities.

We also congratulate SASCO NWU Mafikeng Campus for its overwhelming victory that has seen SASCO taking the institution back from EFFSC with 100%, which govern the campus for the past two years. This victory comes amidst sponsored parallelism in the province that seeks to destroy the organization for personal gain.

We congratulate SASCO DUT comrades on their sterling work that have seen SASCO defeat the ANCYL against all odds. The disruption of the counting process by ANCYL as alleged is indeed a cause for concern, we understand that only counted boxes were tampered with therefore counting process should have continued. We will take both ANCYL and DUT management head-on until the matter is resolved.

It is disturbing to find branches of both YCLSA (UniZulu) and ANCYL contesting elections against SASCO in the name of defiance whilst these organization have positions on the matter.

We will Seek to meet with the leadership of the PYA to try and resolve all issues that lead to the contest between SASCO, YCLSA, and ANCYL. We are not cry babies or lack capacity to fight alone however we understand the unity of PYA to be sacrosanct in the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution.

Our victory in Lovedale TVET college, where SASCO obtain 7 out of 8 seats defeating DASO once again, SASCO continue to demonstrate its strength of not only been relevant to university students but much struggling students of our college system, where we govern 90% of the SRC, we salute these students of such colleges we continue to show confidence in us leading them.

The recent victory in the Central University of Technology, where SASCO obtained 100% ( 14 out of 14 seats) in CUT Bloemfontein Campus, and 4 out of 11 seats in Welkom Campus, much as we did not win Welkom campus. We salute the hard work of our activist, who moved from 0 seats last year to 4 this year, overall the organization retained it leading position in this institution, all universities/Campuses where SASCO contested in Free State we won by SASCO.

We also wish to accept our defeat in the hands of DASO at the University of Pretoria, this defeat does not mean SASCO cadres should stop providing leadership and assisting students rather we should double our efforts to better the lives of our students in that University. We must aspire to be the best in everything, and be on the front lines of picket in defence of students

We call on the SASCO deployees to continue with their selfless service and dedicate themselves to nothing else but the provision of leadership on students related matters. Branches of SASCO must see to it that SRC deployees are accountable to students, and work closely with all progressive forces in their respective institutions ranging from students to trade unions.

At material times SASCO deployees must be characterized by the highest spirit of sacrifice, zeal and always available to help students voluntarily without any ulterior motive of personal gains.

The work begins Now, the Struggle Continues…


Issued on behalf of the NEC of SASCO By:

Moloja Thabo 
SASCO- President

Makata Tembani

For inquiries contact Mr Mava Bayi on 060 308 2415

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Prince khoza
Oct 10, 2017 9:24 am

Not forgetting UMP


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