The South African Student Congress remains the only tool of liberation at the hands of South African Students, its decisiveness continues to bring hope to the student of South Africa and an African child in general. SASCO will be commemorating 27 years of its existence in Institutions of Higher Learning an anniversary that marks 27 years of undisputed service to the marginalized students of South Africa.

SASCO will be hosting this 27th Anniversary celebration rally on the 06th of September 2018, at the University of Limpopo in Limpopo province. The rally will be hosted during the time where the organization is busy with the campaigns of SRC elections in the country, the organization traditionally host this august event to amongst other things share to its members the rich history of SASCO which encapsulate the evolution of this giant movement of students.


The 20th SASCO NEC resolved to take SASCO back to students and be at the forefront of students struggles and campaigns. Accordingly, On the 14th of September 2018 SASCO will embark in mass action to DHET and Justice Department. A memorandum of demands which include, acceleration of the TVET Transformation, Building of student accommodation and call to withdraw charges against all students activist will be handed over to both the Minister of Higher Education and Justice Department. The day of action is nothing but to mobilize students and get them ready for the battles ahead.

In line with the resolution on land expropriation without compensation, the NEC officials will pay a visit to his Majesty King Zwelithini in a view to sway the King to avail a piece of Land for the purpose of building student accommodation in the province of KwaZulu Natal.


Today is the second day since the commencement of 2019 NSFAS applications, on its pillars towards student activism SASCO has community work and we hold a strong view that we are community members before we are students and it is always paramount to engage with communities, for we believe that it is important to commit ourselves in to serving, suffer and sacrifice for our brothers and sisters who wish to apply both for Admission to University and the Funding of their studies.

SASCO is calling upon its structures to go to communities with an aim to assist learners/prospective students who will soon be our members, with the aims to provide guidance to grade 12 learners on how they should apply for NSFAS and other related bursaries, to expand and enhance opportunities that will provide assistance and information to underserved communities and mostly disadvantaged schools, and lastly inspire hope and action through encouragement that the doors of learning are opened.

#TVET Transformation Now
#Student Villages Now
#Pardon All Student Activists
#Down With Sbux Down
#Rise TVET Rise

On Behalf of SASCO NEC

Yours in student struggle

SASCO President
Avela Mjajubana
078 253 8406

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