Revolutionary greetings to our loyal readers of the Moithuti publication. This is our 4th edition since the relaunch of the online theoretical journal of SASCO. Comrades are encouraged to continue submitting opinion pieces every week. An invitation has been extended to provincial secretaries and NEC members to also make contributions and to encourage their branches to do same. The themes for this month are included in the invitation.

Articles for this month focus on the role of women, the celebration of women’s month not as an isolated event but a continued daily struggle of women. Women abuse is a lived political reality confronting many women in our society. Our organization has played a significant role in uplifting the lives of women through policy formulation and programmes aimed at the total liberation of women in particular and the working class in general. It is for this reason that in our organization we believe that the task of women liberation does not only rest with women but men as well; we will have to liberate the minds of men as well from the chains of misogyny and patriarchial thought.

As correctly captured in our SPOT document that “SASCO derives its program from the theory of the National Democratic Revolution as lead by the ANC”, we must welcome the decisive defeat of the motion of no confidence on the President, tabled by the opposition in parliament which sought to dislodge the leadership of the movement in government.  The opposition sought to circumvent the wishes of the majority of citizens outside of a popular vote.

We must, however, be cautious of the few MPs who fell for the tricks of the opposition and played into the gallery of populist grandstanding. Party discipline dictates that all party deployees must always discharge their political and popular mandate in unison and with regard to organizational resolutions, policies and principles. This is the conduct we always expect even with our SRC deployees and other deployees to various bodies.

Our movement, through allowing the vote to be conducted through a secret ballot has proved that we are truly the most democratic movement and we showed faith and confidence in our deployees. The vote of confidence was a victory for our young democracy.

SRC elections are upon us. The University of Pretoria, University of the Free State and Tshwane University of Technology are amongst the institutions going for their SRC elections by next week. The organization must defend TUT reclaim the University of the Free State and aim for victory at UP. Our structures and the movement must provide the much-needed support.

As we approach this election season we expect unity, commitment and dedication. PYA unity is sacrosanct for this purpose. We welcome the decisions of the National Structures of the YCL and the ANCYL our reliable allies who have pledged their full support behind the mighty SASCO during these elections. This decision must be carried out by all lower structures. Our structures must also ensure unity and discipline in deployment and preserve our hard fought history of struggle.

In this edition we feature three articles, an address by the Secretary General Cde Tembani Makata delivered in the Western Cape last week. In the address, she charges that women must be celebrated and their struggles be fought beyond the 9th of August and that the culture of women insubordination and rape culture are not a way of life but could be changed. For this purposes, she argues for both formal (mechanical) and ideological/ mental solutions through changes in law and in attitudes.

The 2nd article is by Vusi Malala from Gauteng who assesses the binaries by which we view gender relations and argues that at the current moment our gender binaries are polarizing gender relations.

The last article is by Cde Tembani Makata where she dares the movement to break history and elect a female leader as the head of state and government.

We hope you enjoy reading these contributions. Till next week.


Tembani Makata

Editor In Chief : Moithuti

071 875 2209

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